Raphael Gindt

Artiste professionnel indépendant

Urban Artist. StreetArtist. Muralist. Surrealist. Painter.

rue de Luxembourg, 17   L-3360 Leudelange LUXEMBOURG

+352 691 370 090


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Raphael Gindt started painting in the streets as a teenager, and became a professional artist at the age of 19 years. Today he is established in the international Street art scene and is inconceivable in the new generation of street-art. This 1993 Luxembourg-born artist his known for his mixed of styles and techniques. He is an expressionistic as well as surreal artist. The  young artist is painting many stunning murals in several countries and is creating his own glass sculptures. He treats glass with paint splashes, and a palette-knife. This technique is characteristic for his expressive art. Raphael Gindt shows emotions as well as impulses and touches his public with very soulful paintings. All the people in his paintings are members of an affecting personal life period. He uses glass to intensify his expressive and individual paintings.

RTL Replay – „No Art on Air“ mam Raphael Gindt an Daniel Mac Lloyd, 10. 07. 2021
RTL Replay – De Magazin, 07.07.2021
COLORIZE – An artistic adventure in Cape Verde, directed and edited by Nicolas Havé and Steve Peffer – November 2020

Important World Artists III
2018, cover & page 50 – 54

Blooming – Great Eastern Str Shoreditch,  London, 2017

Revive 17 – Uecht, Esch-sur-Alzette (L), 2017

Revive 17 sketchbook – Global Street Art, London, 2017

Revive 17 – Blackall Str Shoreditch London, 2017

Street Art Culture was founded in 2016
by the artists Raphael GINDT and Daniel Mac LLOYD
to organize mural projects and to promote upcoming,
well as already established artists from Luxembourg and around.
Urbano Limits – founded in 2016
by the artists Raphael GINDT, Daniel Mac LLOYD and
Lara KELLEN – is giving the opportunity to express your creativity and imagination with no limits.
Kamellebuttek Art Gallery
Kamellebuttek Art Gallery – opened in 2018
by the artists Raphael GINDT, Daniel Mac LLOYD and
Flore Friden – a small creative hub
14, rue Marcel Reuland, L-4305 Esch-sur-Alzette (L).